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Real estate and construction need to be transformed like never before. We position our partners in the forefront of change.

What is Sfääri?

Sfääri is a modern developer of cities. The building concepts, technologies and real estate projects we develop provide solutions to the greatest problems of our time, that is, climate change and growing inequality.

The green transition of the built environment and the continuing urbanization call for technologically innovative solutions and their integration. Sfääri develops climate proof and inclusive cities by offering holistic building solutions that are based on the newest technologies and innovations. Sfääri also responds to these challenges through in-house real estate development.

To make this all possible, Sfääri brings together the best players in sustainable construction and the most innovative visionaries of city development. Together we can elevate cities to a new level – to reach sfääri.

Building blocks of sustainability

Cities are made by communities

Cities are tightly-knit communities. Wellbeing in cities requires decreasing inequality between its neighborhoods. Public transportation, resting spots and openness instead of bans are the keys to an inclusive city. Building for the future is building for all citizens.

Cities are built on ecological balance

Cities thrive towards climate neutrality. In urban development, ecological balance is built from the ground floor up: what building materials are chosen, how is energy efficiency prioritized, and how do business models support versatile uses for space.

Cities are supported by new business models

The most sustainable spaces are the ones never built. No material is emission-free, and all space within cities is valuable. In order to find the least environmentally burdening solutions, we need to get more out of the hubs of a growing city.

Sfääri's business areas

Sfääri's operations are divided into two business areas:
Hiiling is our way to raise the bar and lower the emissions of construction. The business area is based on our technology development and low-carbon building concept that serves as the engine for our Hiiling projects.

Sfääri Co-Development is a way to solve complex development projects while avoiding partial optimization. Solutions can be sought for complexities in multi-purpose hybridi projects, special needs in traffic hubs, as well as seamless co-development with multiple investors in the fast growing regions in Finland.

Picture: (c) AOR Architects - Sfääri's proposal
for the low carbon block in Verkkosaari, which
was based on the Hiiling technology.
Picture: (c) Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects -
Sfääri and Destia co-development project in
Herttoniemi metro block.

We are developing a new ultra ecological residential building concept together with the leading experts. Hiiling is built upon active development of building and construction technologies as well as the incorporation of latest innovations. Hiiling aims to combine the different parts of the value chain into a holistic low-carbon building solution.

The vision for Hiiling was born in connection with the Verkkosaari low-carbon plot transfer competition held in 2020-21. In the competition we reached a carbon footprint that is 62% lower than the reference house of Ministry of the Environment. Also, our solution had 50% lower emissions compared to the average in the competition. More importantly, due to the CLT based structural solutions the positive environmental impact from the solution exceed the emissions. The aesthetics and floor plan of our solutions received particular praise; further development of the Hiiling concept will be based on these design principles.

As a result of the competition, Sfääri was given the opportunity to apply for a planning reservation in Nihti, the southern part of Sompasaari in Helsinki. Hence, our first Hiiling solution is expected to rise in the top seaside location in Nihti, opposite of the Korkeasaari zoo. Construction work is expected to commence in 2026. The design phase is currently ongoing and next we will look for new potential projects for our ultra-ecological Hiiling concept.

Sustainability and inclusivity form the basis for all our operations. Sfääri has unique experience in the commercial planning and development of complex hybrid projects located in traffic hubs. Sfääri offers the commercial planning as management service. This model frees investors' resources and enables high-quality project execution in co-developed projects while eliminating partial optimization between different partners in the project.

Sfääri also acts as an advisor to public entities in developing their real estate, e.g. planning of new city areas and promoting sustainability. We operate in close cooperation with Sfääri's network of partners to reach the best possible outcome.

In residential projects Sfääri's co-development resorts to the seamless real estate development cooperation from zoning to the marketing and selling of apartments. Sfääri explores, analyses and offers potential development plots, which together with a construction company are taken through the zoning process. During the zoning and design processes, Sfääri brings its expertise and experience into designing functional apartments that fit with the environment, providing construction companies valuable extra resources. For residential projects, Sfääri has a subsidiary company AJK Kodit Oy, that can act as a partner in project sales.

Our services to stakeholders

For landowners:

We are interested in high quality sites. We carry the overall responsibility of site development and collaboration with public authorities and other stakeholders.

For construction companies:

Sfääri partnership development supports real estate development all the way from zoning to apartment sales. We carry our share of the sales risk through purchasing units from the project.

For architects and planners:

We are looking for the best people in the industry. With Sfääri, you have the opportunity to work on interesting projects in prime locations, with sustainability as the bottom line.

For cities:

We act as advisors that combine the new generation of urban development and a deep understanding of the real estate market.

For real estate agents:

We work actively in all different areas of real estate development. In addition to new sites, we are constantly in need for agents that sell our properties.

For investors:

Our model is based on finding the appropriate investment model for each project. Contact us if you are interested in investing in responsible and sustainable urban development.

Meet the team

Sfääri grows and evolves! If you want to join us, be in contact through this form.

Antti Kerppola


Antti Kerppola is Sfääri’s founder and CEO.

Antti has worked in top positions within real estate and sustainable construction for years. Before Sfääri, ANtti acted as CEO of Ylva (2015–2020). During his tenure HYY Yhtymä transformed into Ylva – the size of the operations doubled and net value grew over 100 MEUR. Projects affecting whole Helsinki, such as the development of Kaivopiha and Lyyra in Hakaniemi were initiated – and UniCafe restaurants stopped serving beef.

Antti on yritysaktivisti. Se on ideologia, joka tarkoittaa, että myös yritys tai yrittäjä voi aktiivisuudellaan ja aktivismillaan edistää toimialansa standardien kehitystä.

2020- Sfääri, CEO

2015-2020 Ylva, CEO

2020- Member of the Pioneers of Change -network, World Economic Forum

2020- Specialist, Real Estate and Construction Business, Strategic programme to promote a circular economy

2018-2019 Green Building Council Suomi ry, chairman of the board, 2019, vice-chairman 2018

2016-2020 ResQ Club Oy, member of the board

2019-2020 OECD, Business for Inclusive Growth -network, member and founder

2014-2015 Manager, Digital Development, If P&C

2012-2014 Consultant, McKinsey & Company

Selected projects

Herttoniemi metro station development project (Sfääri) 2020-
Antti Kerppola acts as the project manager, Sfääri is the development partner of Destia and a shareholder of the project consortium. The project consists of a complete renovation of the metro station, building an indoor bus terminal and up to 40.000 m2 of new apartments and business space.

Hakaniemi metro station Lyyra -project (2016-2020)
Antti Kerppola acted as the project manager from the start of the project until the start of the construction works. Encompassing over 20.000m2, the project consisted of tearing down two former office buildings to be replaced with a hotel, apartments, offices and business space. The project was the Leed Platinum 2018 scale project in Finland, in which sustainability is a cornerstone across the whole life cycle of the project. The project is linked into metro, bus and tram networks, and has a reservation for the Pisara -line.

Kaivopiha area overhaul 2015-2020
As the CEO of Ylva, Antti Kerppola was in charge of the renovation project and its vision. The project consisted of some 30.000m2 of total space, including major overhauls of Kaivokäytävä and Uusi ylioppilastalo, renovation of Kaivotalo and the renewal of office spaces in Kaivopiha. In 2018 Ylva bought the historical Kaleva -building to be attached to the first Hyatt luxury hotel in the Nordics as a part of Grand Hansa -project.

Sauli Ylinen

Head of Product

Sauli is responsible for Sfääri's product development, particularly relating to the Hiiling technologies and projects. Sauli has a strong background from the industry. With Sauli, we are in a great position to harness the best and modern Finnish product know-how to create a top-of-the-class solution - Hiiling.

2022- Sfääri, Head of Product

2022- Finnish Timber Construction Associates, Expert

2022- Harristo Oy, Consultant in timber solutions

2015-2021 Elementti Sampo, CLT construction company

2016-2018 Crosslam Kuhmo, CLT Manufacturer

Lauri Turtiainen


Lauri has almost 10 years of experience from M&A and capital markets transactions from Danske Bank and Nordea investment bank divisions. Working at Danske, Lauri had coverage of the Finnish real estate companies. Lauri is an excellent addition to our team. His experience in the finance industry strengthens our capabilities to act in large projects, where financing, along with our high quality building concepts, has a central role. Lauri has a M.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering.

Despite his extensive background in finance, by heart Lauri is an engineer. Analytical mindset and interest in problem solving led him to investment banking. Now Lauri can use his know-how and experience with Sfääri, for a greener and more sustainable future.

2022- Sfääri, CFO

2018-2021 Danske Bank Corporate Finance, Associate Director

2013-2018 Nordea Investment Banking | Advisory & ECM, Associate

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